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Voss Water

Welcome to Norway, a wondrous Scandinavian country on the northern top of Europe stretched out underneath the Arctic Circle. Norway is so sparsely populated it is smaller than most major worldwide cities. On the other hand, Norway with many long and deep fjords cutting into the rugged mountains along the Atlantic Ocean has more coastline than some of the world’s largest countries.

Where does voss water come from?

Snow-covered peaks and glaciers are abundant in Norway along with rivers and streams that cut into the valleys and woods through lakes on its way to the ocean. Welcome to the Land of the Midnight Sun where people are still wearing sunglasses late into the night during the summer solstice, a country to people all over the world known for its pristine and clean nature where there is a long tradition of respect and love for the environment.

What is Voss Water?

In the southern part of the country between tree-covered hills, mountains, and lakes with just more than 1300 inhabitants lies the small community of Iveland, a picturesque municipality with small farms, a beautiful old church, and a fairytale nature where the pace of life is slow but purposeful. Iveland is the place where we find the VOSS source. VOSS Water from Norway comes from an aquifer in the pristine natural environment of southern Norway producing pure water like no other.

What kind of Water is Voss Water?

This water is collected from an underground aquifer deep beneath the surface under layers of sand and gravel. Because the water is naturally filtered, it is free of contact with the air and other pollutants. Naturally low in sodium and other minerals, VOSS has a clean refreshing taste perfect for all hydration occasions and is also the choice of world-renowned chefs wishing to enhance the fine dining experience.

Voss Water Source

The VOSS bottling plant lies close to the VOSS water source. This is where state-of-the-art bottling machinery is run by our highly trained staff to produce one of the world’s best tasting still and sparkling waters. It is a simple and pure process where the water is untouched from the source to the bottle. Fresh bottles are prepared for filling then filled and capped and prepared for packing into cases.

What kind of water is Voss?

Each process takes place under the sharp eyes of our quality control staff before final preparation for their journey that could end in Dubai, Shanghai, Sydney, Moscow, or Los Angeles. There you can buy VOSS water and it might be on the table of a fine dining restaurant, in an exclusive hotel served with a gourmet meal, in someone’s home, or simply at a luxury event that could be anywhere in the world.

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