9 Frequently Asked Questions About Voss Water

Everything You Need To Know About Voss Water

Since its release in 2001, Voss has taken over the world, where consumers would happily pay premium prices for the clean and crisp taste our brand is known for. Today, it is more than just bottled water — it has evolved to become part of our lifestyle.

If you’ve never heard of Voss and have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about Voss Water and what you’re missing out on.

What Kind of Water Is Voss?

Voss Water is derived from the most pristine water sources in the world, where no pollution or contaminants come into contact with the glaciers and snow-covered peaks of Norway. This country also offers many streams and rivers that make their way through the woods and valleys into lakes that eventually reach the ocean. Known for having the most immaculate and clean spaces in the world, the country has long been popular for its tradition of love and respect for the environment.

What Is Voss Water?

Voss water is known for its clean, crisp, and distinct taste while carrying very low mineral content. It’s also recognized as the world’s purest bottled water. There are fewer than 45 parts of total dissolved solids (TDS) per million in our still water. Compared to most other water brands, this count is significantly lower, which gives Voss its signature fresh taste.

Is Voss Spring Water?

Our water is collected from underground aquifers underneath the surface of the earth, located under layers of gravel and sand. This water has been naturally filtered and exists free from contact with air or any pollutant. Because of its low sodium content, it has become the top choice for world-renowned chefs who are looking to enhance fine dining experiences.

What Is Artesian Water?

Because of the process we use, Voss is known as artesian water, a specific kind of free-flowing spring water found deep underground. Unlike a traditional well, which requires a pump, water from artesian wells is pushed up by pressure to naturally reach the surface. The reason why people love artesian water so much is due to the belief that this intense pressure acts as a filter on all contaminants while also adding minerals.

Where Is Voss Water Made?

As mentioned, Voss is a bottled-water company based in Norway, where the company had its roots in the village of Vatnestrøm in the municipality of Iveland, Agder County. While many fans believe that the water is bottled in Voss, it’s actually located over 250 miles from the actual bottling site.

Voss Water Origins

Who Created Voss Water?

In 1998, two Norwegian friends — Christopher Harlem and Ole Christian Sandberg — set out to create something out of their mutual interest in pure and naturally fresh water. They focused their efforts on bottled water that would revolutionize drinking as we knew it and eventually became the founders of Voss. Through their hard work, their brand stood out in the competitive landscape of the bottled water market.

The company then worked with Neil Kraft — who was previously the Creative Director for Calvin Klein — to design their trademark cylindrical glass bottles. Its design has since become iconic and pioneered this premium design throughout the bottled water industry as the only choice for luxury and purity. In countries such as the U.S., Australia, and the UK, our still water products are packaged in a plastic cylinder that retains the original design.

Where Is Voss Water Bottled?

Every drop of Voss premium water is bottled near our artesian source by the untouched wilderness of Southern Norway. Sleeping between mountains, tree-covered hills, and gorgeous lakes lies the small town of Iveland, a fairytale-like municipality with just over 1,300 inhabitants. Encompassing a stunning old church, many small farms, and the beauty of nature, life here is slow but full of purpose — the perfect place to find the source of Voss.

What Is in Voss Water?

Voss produces pure water that transcends all others since it’s sourced from the natural and pristine environment of southern Norway. As such, each Voss product is protected from all pollutants and contaminants under many layers of rock and ice for centuries. Our immaculate aquifer produces only the most naturally-occurring pure water that’s free from sodium, has low mineral content, and has an incomparable taste.

What’s So Special About Voss Water?

Voss has continued to be the leader in taste, quality, and style when it comes to bottled water. Our award-winning bottle was inspired by the simplicity and purity of classic Scandinavian design. Distributed throughout hotels, gourmet retail stores, and high-end restaurants, Voss is available in both sparkling and still forms.

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