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Many people have heard the name Fiji, though there are some who are unaware of the process it goes through. There are many complex steps involved in getting it from its source to the bottles you know and love.

That long journey begins on an island in the Pacific, hundreds of miles away from any continent. More specifically, it’s a journey that starts above that island; trade winds go to work on the clouds that contain what will become Fiji Water. The high-speed winds work some magic to help purify the “Fiji moisture” in the clouds.

Once this part of the process is complete it leaves its fluffy home, converted to rainwater that falls on the tropical forest below. As it makes this part of its journey, Fiji water passes through several layers of volcanic rock. In doing so, the water picks up a variety of electrolytes and minerals that bring out the smooth, fresh taste that fans have come to expect from our water.

Collection of all these elements is the next step, and this happens naturally as well. An aquifer far below the surface of the earth gathers up the water, complete with all its new minerals. This spot is important because a natural rock barrier provides protection from external forces, preventing contamination.

After some time, an increase in pressure will bring the Fiji water to the surface; here our experts finally contact it. Special machinery bottles the pure water so that it remains free from even the slightest human touch until the moment it gets in your hands.

Fiji Water started as a simple desire to share clearer, more natural water with the rest of the world. It was a vision of water that was free from artificial enhancements or possible contaminants. From these humble ideas back in 1996, a thriving business has grown into the one that consumers trust today.

Fiji is now available in some of the best hotels and fine dining establishments, not to mention retail chains. Our customers can also make arrangements to deliver this fine product right to their doorsteps. Of course, our water is popular in the United States, as it is now the top import for bottled water. But, it’s also widely available internationally; over sixty countries worldwide are enjoying the fine taste and obvious health benefits of Fiji water, making it the leading export of the Islands.

Fiji Water is by no means content to simply rest on its laurels these days. The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve and innovate both its products and its business. It chooses to look to the future and do business in the most fiscally and ethically responsible ways it can. Part of this dedication means a commitment not only to the water Fiji produces but to the communities to whom it sells. This means investing in not only new technologies but people and families as well. Fiji seeks to make a real difference in the lives of the regions that it serves, and in ways that offer more than just great water at an affordable price.

The company knows the importance of conservation and the environment and is always on the look at for new ways to increase efficiency and give back to the natural land that has given so much already.

Fiji Water is aware that it cannot meet these milestones alone, so they’re always ready to welcome forward-thinking partners with a head for solutions into the fold. Together, there is no doubt that Fiji and you can make big improvements in communities and lives one step at a time. Positive change is a powerful force for good, just as important as proper hydration. Fiji Water is committed to healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy lives the all across the world.

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