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Fiji water isn’t called Earth’s finest water for no reason. Part of what makes Fiji water so great is that it’s bottled at the source and untouched by man. Yes, as its name implies, Fiji water does come from the tropical islands of Fiji. In fact, 100 percent of the water used for Fiji water bottles comes from a singe pristine location: the Yaqara Valley in the island of Viti Levu.

Natural Artesian Water


Fiji water is natural artesian water, which basically means that it’s water that comes from an aquifer. An aquifer is an underground volcanic chamber that bears water. Aquifers are naturally made, and part of what makes their water so pure is that the volcanic rocks found in them serve as a protector to the water reservoirs they contain, limiting the amount of contaminants allowed to enter into the water. Aquifers are also pressurized and can’t be entered except through a creation of a well.

Unique Mineral Profile

So what makes Fiji water so much different from other waters? The nature of its source is the simple answer. Because Fiji water is from a specific aquifer in the Yaqara Valley, it has a specific, unique mineral profile that other waters don’t have. That specific combination of minerals contributes to the smooth, soft taste of Fiji water, and because it’s never been touched by human hands, consumers get to drink it as if they are drinking it straight from the aquifer, untouched and not contaminated.


The Minerals in Fiji Water

After learning that it’s the specific mineral makeup that gives Fiji water it’s smooth taste, it’s normal to wonder just what those minerals are that make up this extraordinary water. Some of the all natural minerals Fiji water contains include potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, bicarbonate, silica and fluoride. Furthermore, Fiji water has the benefit of electrolytes, which are good for the body. What’s more is that all the electrolytes found within Fiji water are completely naturally occurring ones that are perfectly safe to consume.

Buy Alkaline 88 Water Online

The signature product of the Alkaline Water Company is Alkaline88. Using a unique electrolysis process, Alkaline88 is water with traces of electrolytes and minerals. Its pH level is perfectly balanced at 8.8, ideal for water-drinkers of all ages.

Alkaline Water Company History: The team behind Alkaline88 works out of Scottsdale, Arizona, where it has been engineering its flagship mineral water for over 14 years. Alkaline88 has been formulated for everyday consumption. Its producers hope it will replace other waters as the consumer’s first choice for everyday hydration.

The Alkaline Water Co. states as its mission that it wants to provide the nation’s highest-quality alkaline drinking water, to partner with influencers and distributers to spread the brand message, and to use supply chain best practices to deliver the product to consumers at a competitive price. Alkaline Water Co. is committed to product safety and quality, efficient supply, and partner support that will help spread the brand through the U.S. and then, one day, throughout the world.

The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline88

Drinking water that’s been filtered and distilled is a good start, but it’s not the most a water-drinker could do for their body. A water like Alkaline88, made with minerals and a carefully balanced pH, offers even more benefits than water alone.

Life requires energy, energy produces work, and work produces sweat. Filtered water replaces the liquid our bodies lose in sweat, but the pH levels of different tap waters and bottled water brands vary widely. Alkaline88 is perfectly pH balanced for just the right level of alkalinity every time. It also contains Himalayan minerals that help replace the body’s electrolytes that are lost when we sweat.

Water-conscious consumers can find Alkaline88 in all 50 U.S. states. Where can you buy Alkaline88 Water? The brand is sold by 35 of the top 75 grocery retailers in the U.S. More than 25,000 stores throughout the nation have already partnered with The Alkaline Water Co.

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Icelandic Glacial pure spring water is sourced from Iceland’s Ölfus Spring. The Ölfus Spring is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred on the island more than 5,000 years ago. The spring is naturally replenishes itself each year in the spring as the ice melts and whenever there is rainfall, so the source can be tapped for drinking water without upsetting Iceland’s stark natural beauty. What’s more, this spring is naturally protected from contaminants by 128,000 acres of lava rock.

Icelandic: A Renewable Resource

The Ölfus Spring is one of the world’s largest underground springs. Each day more than 900,000 cubic meters of water from the spring run off into the ocean. This amount of water is more than two times the amount of bottled water that the world consumes each day. Water-drinkers can count on Icelandic Glacial to provide them with pure, natural spring water without upsetting the ecology of the source. In fact, less than 0.1% of the Ölfus Spring is ever brought to the surface as drinking water.

The Icelandic Bottling Facility

Icelandic Glacial water never touches the air until the drinker breaks the seal on the water bottle. The bottling facility that extracts the water is a fully sustainable operation. Fuel sources for the plant come entirely from renewable hydroelectric and geothermal sources. The 7,688-square foot facility is among the world’s most eco-friendly factories.

As many as 30,000 bottles can be processed for shipping per hour. The clean room in which the bottles are filled is held to the same standards as the strictest laboratory conditions of any research facility. Water travels upward from the Ölfus Spring using a positive air pressure process that keeps out the outside air and doesn’t damage the spring.

The water you taste when you drink Icelandic Glacial pure spring water is the same water you’d find in the spring itself. Nothing has been added or taken away from it.

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