16 Frequently Asked Questions About Fiji Water

16 Frequently Asked Questions About Fiji Water



Does The Fiji Water Actually Come From Fiji?


The source of Fiji Water is 100% from the unspoiled, South Pacific tropical islands, which are over 1,600 miles from an industrialized country. Bottling takes place in the remove Yagara Valley on Viti Levu Island.


What Does It Mean by Natural Artesian Water?


Artesian water is water from an aquifer, which is a naturally-occurring underground pressurized chamber that has layers of volcanic rock, protected from the elements. In order to get to the water, a borehole must be made in the protective rock, or a well must be created.


How Is Fiji Water Different?


What makes Fiji water so different from other bottled waters is its source – the protected artesian aquifer on the isolate Fiji Islands. It also has a unique mineral profile that gives the water its smooth, soft taste. It’s the world’s best untouched water until you take the cap off.


What Kinds Of Minerals Are Found In Fiji Water?


Fiji Water has all kinds of minerals that give it its smooth, soft taste such as calcium, magnesium and silica.


Are There Any Electrolytes In Fiji Water?


Fiji Water does contain electrolytes that are 100% natural, which gives the water its smooth taste and feel. The common electrolytes in Fiji Water are chloride, magnesium, potassium and sodium.


What Is Fiji Water’s PH Level?


The pH level of Fiji Water is 7.7. Its purified water is 7. Natural and drinking water are affected by gasses and dissolving minerals, which can alter the pH range. Any solution with a pH less than seven is considered to be acidic. Anything higher than seven, it’s considered to be alkaline.


Are FDA Regulations For Bottled Water Met?


Fiji Water makes sure to follow all the requirements the Food and Drug Administration have put forth. You can learn more about the water quality testing and subsequent results by reading the California Water Quality Report.


What Is The Plastic Used To Bottle Fiji Water?


Fiji Water uses high-grade polyethylene terephthalate plastic, which the FDA considers to be safe for contact with both food and drinks. It’s also recyclable and can be turned into other products including carpets, construction materials, vehicle parts and clothing.  If you’re interested in recycling your bottles, reach out to your city officials to see if they can recycle them.


Can You Safely Consume Water From PET Bottles?


The food and beverage industry uses PET for an array of products such as juices, water, soft drinks, peanut butter and ketchup. It’s been used for many years safely and always meets the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA.  The agency has done research reviews and found there is no risk to consumers who drink from PET bottles. For additional information regarding PET safety, check outhttp://www.bottledwater.org/health/container-safety and http://www.napcor.com/PET/pet_faqs.html.


Is There Any Bisphenol A In Fiji Water’s Packaging?

There is no BPA in the packaging of Fiji Water. BPA is a chemical that’s often used to create resin or plastic.


Can You Purchase Glass Bottles Of Fiji Water?


Fiji Water only comes in high-grade PET bottles to ensure the best packaging for the water – protection from carbon dioxide and oxygen migration that tends to affect water quality. It also ensures product safety and reduces the impact on the environment – less waste, lower transport emissions and lightweight.


How Long Can Fiji Water Last?


Although the FDA does not demand an expiration date on Fiji Water, it does use the “best by” date as standard. For Fiji Water, there is a two-year best by date, which can be found under the label.


Where Can You Purchase Bottles Of Fiji Water?


You check purchase from a local retailer who sells Fiji Water or through our online store where it can be delivered to your home or office. You can also call 1-888-426-3545 to purchase your water. Delivery is only to the continental U.S. for now.


Who Can You Call For Distribution?


If you would like to distribute Fiji Water, you can call our sales representatives to learn how.


Where Can You Attain Fiji Water Signature Sleeves?


If you would like to purchase your own Fiji Water Signature Sleeves, go to our online store or call us at 1-888-426-4602.


How Can I Get A Production Donation or Sponsorship?


You can contact our customer service representatives about a production donation or sponsorship.

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